Uwharrie Ministry Council


District Superintendent: Laura Auten

District Lay Leader: Kathy Odell

UMW President: Cathy Ward

Vitality Associate: Katie Lineberger

Missional Engagement Associate: Kris Mares

Recording Secretary: Kim Hopkins

Superintendency Chair: Arnetta Beverly

Grants and Resources Chair: Santosh Niroula

District Committee on Ministry Chair: Mark Conforti

Church Locations and Buildings Chair: Jim Pyatt

Clergy Care Chair: Luke Christy

Disaster Response Coordinator: Jeff Insley

Missional Network Representatives

  • Anson/East Union: Laina Davis Harvey, Kimberly Burr
  • Asheboro: Frank Ramos, Josh Britton
  • Lexington: Anne Hegler
  • North Randolph: Doug Collins
  • North Stanly: Hazel Frick, Sandy Young, Zina Risley, Leslie Rummage
  • Norwood: Caitlyn McAlhaney, Sarah Lee
  • Rowan: Andrea Mohammed
  • South Davidson: Brad Treece
  • South Randolph: Brenda Alston, Carol Hunter
  • South Stanly: Kaye Fry, Robi Cagle