Uwharrie Antiracism Training
This event recurs Daily from Friday, September 30, 2022 to Saturday, October 1, 2022

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The mandatory ethics training for this quadrennium is Antiracism Ethics Training.  All who under appointment or assignment in WNC are expected to participate in one of the training events over the next four years by June 2024. This workshop is designed for clergy and laity together. It is essential for each pastor to identify a key lay person to attend it together with him/her as a partner in advancing the work of antiracism.  Basically, the two-day event will be scheduled in each district twice a year, unless we shift to virtual workshops for a season due to COVID situations and are offered different sets of dates.

Appointed Clergy who live outside the conference will also need to meet the antiracism ethics requirement. If you cannot attend one of the WNC trainings, you will need to send documentation of participation in antiracism training to the Office of Ministerial Services. The WNC training is two days.  Those living outside of the bounds of the conference will need to provide evidence of significant time spent in learning and understanding antiracism.

Training will be led by RISE!.  RISE! is designed to equip and support spiritual leaders to recognize, confront, and challenge racism and cultivate an equitable future. Through activities and reflection, the multi-racial facilitation team will provide attendees with useful tools to unearth racism as it is embedded within communities of faith. Participants will examine race theologically through Biblical exegesis and the history of Christianity within the United States.  

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