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To the Congregations, Pastors, and Missional Networks of the Uwharrie District, We are so grateful for the many ministries of our District and the many ways that you faithfully strive to make a difference in all our communities. The love of Jesus Christ is truly being shared through your generosity and your hard work.

We on the Uwharrie District Committee on Grants and Resources are honored to share with you in this Kingdom work. We are inspired by the grant requests so many of you have submitted and the many ways that the churches and missional networks of our District seek to bring diverse communities together, work to care for people in need, and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all who will hear.

Our committee is dedicated toward using your District apportioned funds and other grant resources to support the missions and ministries to which God has called you. To help us do this well, the Committee has decided to change the grant request deadline from three times per year to twice per year. This will not reduce the total dollar amount of the grants we provide. This will simply allow us to better balance the grants we disperse with the actual apportioned dollars that have been paid by the churches of our District.

Beginning immediately, grant applications should be submitted by February 1 and August 1 of each year. We hope to implement this change immediately, but we realize that this change may adversely affect some missions that were counting on grant support this fall and early winter. While I cannot guarantee that we will be able to make exceptions, District Superintendent Laura Auten or I will be happy to speak with you if you feel that your mission or ministry will be adversely affected by this change in 2018. This policy will be observed without exception beginning in 2019. You can, of course, reach Laura at the District Office. My number and email are listed below.

Again, we thank you for the faithful work that you do, and we appreciate the opportunity to support your ministries with these District funds. Please know that you and those you serve are in our prayers.

The Lord be with you!

Rev. Bill Roberts Chairperson, Uwharrie District Committee on Grants and Resources


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