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 Lay Ministry Roles


Local Church Lay Servant Picture

One receives this designation once he/she take the basic lay servant class.  A lay servant will receive training to be a more effective Sunday School Class teacher, coordinator of Vacation Bible School, outreach ministry leader, etc.






Certified Lay Servant

One receives this designation after having taken the basic class and then an advanced class.  Certified Lay Servants will take leadership development training in order to serve their local church, district, and/or the conference in a multitude of ways.  For example, this program would be appropriate for those called to be a UMW or UMM district officer; those desiring to lead a mission project for a missional network; or someone who feels called to volunteer with Hospice, etc. Certified Lay Servants are most often those individuals who feel called to speak and preach during worship or at other church events.

Certified Lay Speaker

The purpose of this new designation is for persons who feel called to provide “pulpit supply” to a church.  As such, a Certified Lay Speaker might fill in for 1-2 months at a church while the pastor is out on a formational and spiritual growth leave. Alternatively, this person might also preach once a month on a multi-point charge. Requirements for this new role include Lay Servant certification followed by 60 hours of classes (mostly online).  Once the required classwork is completed, the servant leader will meet with the District Committee on Lay Servant Ministries for approval.

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