The Uwharrie District has a team of clergy and laity that can come to your congregation or missional network to provide training for current and future members of staff-parish relations committees.

You can complete the study in two, 3-hour sessions, or three,  2-hour sessions. A facilitator will work with your staff parish chairperson and pastor to schedule and plan the Pastor and Parish study.

The Uwharrie district will pay for the honorarium for the facilitators and the teaching dvd which can be kept by the church or missional network. We ask churches to purchase workbooks for each participant ($8 per book) and to provide mileage for up to two facilitators.

Contact the Uwharrie District Office at 704-983-1104 or Rev. Laura Auten to arrange for your church or missional network to experience Pastor and Parish!


What Others Are Saying About Pastor and Parish…

“I think it’s the most effective SPRC guide that’s ever come across the table.”

“It gives the staff-parish the tools to appropriately do their work. It takes the adversarial perspective out of it. You can practice truth telling, and do it in a way that does not tear down individuals.”

 “I think that it really helped them to understand their role better. They’ve been a lot better support for me. They understand more about the demands of ministry; they also understand more that it’s not just doing HR work, instead, they put it in a theological framework, which really changed the way they approach things.”