2021 Uwharrie District Laity Awards

News Article November 16, 2021
Each year we ask local churches to recognize laity who have made a significant contribution to the life and ministry of the church. This year, eleven people from eight churches across the Uwharrie District were selected by their church and honored during worship. The laity below were selected because they exemplify a commitment to the Christian way of life and their contribution to the life of their church and community reflects a devotion of self to the service of others. We give thanks to God for their faithfulness and love for others.

First UMC (Salisbury)

Nancy Schoch and Nancy Sherriff serve together in many ways including congregational care and visitation, UMW, Rowan Helping Ministries, funeral receptions, women's retreats, and more. "The two Nancys" serve without being asked, faithfully participate in Sunday School and worship, and never ask for recognition. They use their gifts and have truly been called by God to love and to serve. (photos taken from Facebook)

Central UMC (Denton)

Esko Nopanen has been the sound operator at his church for over 15 years, ensuring that the church accomplishes its mission through the production of creative and inspiring worship and special events. He sets up, configures, troubleshoots, and runs all the audio for musical rehearsals, funerals, weddings, VBS, and any other special services. Esko is a faithful, patient, devoted church member who uses his God given gifts and talent to serve the church and the community.

Addie Nopanen serves in many leadership roles and is active in Bible studies and worship leadership. She works for the benefit of others in need and is patient with herself and others. Addie is always willing to serve others where needed and displays her knowledge of God's Word through her actions. She goes above and beyond in every way in her church, her family, and her community to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

Center UMC (Troy)