Amplify Media Partnership

posted on January 11

The conference has negotiated a partnership with the United Publishing House (UMPH) to offer their online platform, Amplify Media, at a deeply discounted rate for all churches/charges in our conference. 

If you aren't familiar with Amplify Media, it is home to thousands of study, worship, training, and devotional videos for all ages. This is trusted content from publishers like Cokesbury, Abingdon, and Sparkhouse that has been vetted through a Wesleyan lens by the UMPH. Depending on the type of subscription, churches/charges can view the videos online, host live video small group studies, and even upload their own content (sermons, worship services, etc.)

To roll out this program, the WNCC, Uwharrie District, and UMPH partners will host an introductory session online to show folks what Amplify is all about and how it can enhance a congregation's discipleship ministry. Clergy and church leaders who attend one of those calls and sign up for Amplify will get 2 months free + 4 months at 75% off the regular price. Meaning, churches/charges can get 6 months of Amplify for a total cost as low as $25.

When is the Info Session?
Tuesday February 8, 2022, 7pm
Join the Zoom

What about churches who already subscribe to Amplify Media?
There are 33 churches in our conference who currently have a Basic subscription to Amplify. The WNCC Resource Center will host a separate online session for these churches to learn about the benefits of a Premium subscription. If they choose to upgrade, the conference will provide 2 months of Premium access for those churches.

What happens after the promotional conference subsidy ends?
Subscriptions are a month-to-month commitment and can be cancelled at any time!

Who do I contact for more information?
Email Havaleh Havelka, WNCC Training and Resource Specialist