Charge Conference FAQ's

posted on October 09

Here are some quick FAQ's to help out with Charge Conference Online Submission

  •  Login – The Church Dashboard and the Clergy Dashboard have separate login credentials.  The Church Dashboard login is shared with anyone in your church that you want to have access to this information (ie: Church Admin, Treasurer, SPR Chairperson, Finance CP, etc.) – If you have difficulty logging in, contact the District Office
  • Share Forms – Once you’re logged in and have pulled up the “Submittable Forms” and “2019 Uwharrie Charge Conference Forms”
“Share This By Email”  - will allow you to share the forms with others responsible for the information. **REMEMBER – you must share the link via the Church Dashboard.
Once you’ve shared the forms and the person responsible has completed all of OR just their part, they / you can Click “Submit Form” – This will not close the form for edits – it actually just “Saves” the form. You CAN come back to edit it.This means multiple people can work on the form / edit the form / save the form
  • Blank Work Copy of Charge Conference Forms – You CAN print a blank copy of the forms to work from.
Click “Start This Form”
Scroll to the bottom
Click “Submit Form” – Remember… This will not close the form for edits – it actually just “Saves” the form. You will officially “submit” the forms later.
At the very top of the next page, click “Print Condensed”.
**Remember – we are not accepting Hard Copies of any of the reports. If someone turns in a handwritten copy of a report to you, you (or someone) will need to key in the information into the data form on the Church Dashboard.
  • Report of the Pastor – This report is required for every pastor under appointment.
The Senior Pastor should complete the “Report of the Pastor”
Associate and Assistant Pastors should compose their report (Word, PDF, etc.) and attach it to the Charge Conference Agenda and Minutes under “Other Clergy Charge Conference Reports
**Remember… you can share all the charge conference reports by clicking “Share This Form” through the church dashboard. Each Associate or Assistant pastor can attach their own copy of the report and then click “Submit” and this will save attached copies.
  • Youth 9th-12th – A new required report.
If your church DOES NOT have youth, the form allows you to select “No” under “Does your church have any youth?” 
EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE youth, you will still need to complete and submit the form by entering N/A in the required fields under the first line of “Students” – You only  need to enter it for one.
Email and Phone Number fields are NOT required on the Youth report.
  • Signing the Forms using Signature Fields – A new way of doing things for us. No more hard copies. No more written signatures.
These fields are consent signatures, not actual signatures, but bear the same weight as a full signature. The idea behind them is that not everyone will be able to log in and actually sign, so the person who is to sign gives their consent that they have read and reviewed the form. When they verify the information on the form is correct and have given their verbal or written consent, the person filling out the form can go in and click yes, and type their name. This can be done by the actual person or not. Some churches are choosing to collect permission for consent signatures for their records, some are getting them by email, some just verbal.
  • Officially Submitting your forms
AFTER YOUR CHARGE CONFERENCE: Once all Required Forms in this section are completed, approved at Charge Conference, and digitally signed, you’ll need to “officially submit” your forms. Enter YOUR NAME in “Submitted By” then click the “Officially Submit My Form(s)” button at the bottom of the Charge Conference forms screen.

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