Fresh Expressions

posted on March 02

Curious about Fresh Expressions, but not sure where to start? Never heard of Fresh Expressions- a movement in the United Methodist Church which creates new spaces and places for people to find Christian fellowship-, but after reading this you’re curious about it? Watch THIS short video for an overview of what it is and how it’s impacted some communities in our conference.

There are many creative Fresh Expressions of church happening all across our conference, many in our district. Watch this video about one church outside of Asheville that found a fresh, new way to use their building and property to bring the community together. 

John Wesley built the United Methodist movement by going to where the people were, rather than waiting for them to come to him. Read here about one pastor in Bostic, NC that started having holy conversations with patrons of a local pub. Is there a place in your community where people who may not go to church on Sunday morning gather? Maybe this is the place God is calling you go, to build relationships, and start some holy conversations. Maybe it’s the start of a Fresh Expression. 

Have you ever driven around your community on Sunday morning to see where the people are that aren’t inside the walls of a church? If you’re a lay person, try doing that at 11am one Sunday. Maybe you’ll find a group of people playing soccer in a field, or folks just running their errands at Walmart, going for a jog or riding their bikes, or coming off work from the night shift. Could God be calling you to build community around one of those places in hopes that you’ll be given the opportunity to share with them the love of Jesus? This is what Fresh Expressions is about. If you want to know more contact Katie Lineberger.

Read this inspiring story about how a church in Winston-Salem formed a community around indoor soccer. It’s a great example of how you can start a Fresh Expression.

Partnering with community businesses or entrepreneurs is a great way to fund creative ministry that could reach a whole population of people not already in the church. Read here about West Church in the Lake Norman area that did just that to form a community around yoga.    

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