Outward Mindset Workshops Intro Session

posted on February 27

What if you discovered that the quality of our relationships depends not so much on what we do, but rather how we think, and how we see others? What if you could spend less time dealing with things that are going wrong and more time helping things go right? 
Based on the Arbinger Institute’s proven methodology, two workshop offerings - Living with an Outward Mindset and Outward Inclusion - address the frustration that stems from an inability to create sustainable changes between groups and individuals by exploring in detail how relationships become conflicted and the implications of those strained relationships in our lives. 
Living with an Outward Mindset and Outward Inclusion (with a focus on helping to uncover bias) equips individuals, teams, and churches with the tools to address the mindset and behaviors that get in the way.
Want to learn more? All are welcome to attend a 30-minute Intro Session on Monday, March 20 from 6:30-7:00 p.m online via Zoom to hear more about the workshops and how to participate. The Outward Mindset Intro Session is hosted by the Metro District and will be led by Rev. René Wilt, one of seven trained Arbinger facilitators in our conference. 
All districts are invited to attend!
Click here to register:  https://wnc-reg.brtapp.com/IntroSessionforOutwardMindsetWorkshops