Spiritual Disciplines Zoom Class

posted on January 10

by Rev. Jill Smith

Looking for a new way to connect with God? Would you like to deepen your spiritual walk this year? Might you consider spiritual practices with others to help grow your faith life in 2023? 

Many Spiritual practices help us enlarge our love of God and others. Some are quiet and contemplative, while others actively allow us to be more present to life. Would you consider a 6-week Zoom Community group to encounter a different practice each week? You may discover one that resounds in your soul.

I will lead a Zoom gathering on Thursday evenings, Jan. 26 - March 2, 2023.  7 pm EST. 

In each 90-minute gathering, we will learn, discuss, and practice different disciplines (some call them habits) to see how they resonate with our lives and connect us to the Spirit of Life.  If we are not evolving in this life, we are withering and becoming less present to this world. Thus, the goal is not to do them right or perfectly but simply have the intention to be fully present to God. That is how these practices teach us to be human, authentic, and vulnerable in the presence of the One whose image we bear. 

Over the six weeks, we will encounter The Welcoming Prayer, Lectio Divina (devotional reading of scripture), Centering Prayer, Prayer of Examen, Journaling, and Covenant Group and more.

All of these, and many other spiritual disciplines, teach us to release our hearts into God's infinite love. It's learning to trust ourselves more fully to God, in whom there is no fear, coercion, or condemnation. Will you join us?

Thursdays, Jan. 26 - March 2, 2023.  7 pm EST
This will be an online Zoom gathering

This group is for anyone willing to explore being with God. You don't need to be a member of a church. You can be struggling with faith questions. You can be an active follower of Christ or someone who merely hopes the claims that God is Love might be true. All are welcome. All participants will be asked to agree to some covenant rules to keep the space fair, confidential, and focused on each topic.

There is no cost to participate in this group, but any financial contribution is appreciated. Flourishing Souls is an independent ministry, thus I do incur expenses. If you would like to join Flourishing Souls Spiritual Disciplines in 2023, reach out by email or via website

Once I hear from you I will send you the information you need to prepare for the group, payment information if needed, and how to join via Zoom on January 26th.       

Deep Peace, Jill
*a minimum number of people are needed for meaningful discussion so let me know if you are interested ASAP*