SWAT (Strengthening Witness And Testimony)

posted on August 25

A SWAT team is employed for a short-term purpose and focuses all resources to accomplish a specific goal. The purpose of the Lay Servant Training SWAT Team is to have a concentrated effort to strengthen the gifts and passions of individuals for ministry and leadership in their local community and congregation. SWAT will Strengthen Witness and Testimony to the Good News of Jesus Christ!  The hope is threefold:  

1. that the local church will see an increase of faith-sharing and witness of the good news of Jesus Christ

2. build unity through relationships, mutual growth, and accountability

3. help the local church strengthen their hands-on efforts to transform the world by sharing the love of Christ in tangible acts. There are four steps to the work of this team. Participants will complete each of the four steps:

  • “Introduction to Lay Ministry:  the BASIC Course”  Teacher:  Mr. Bill Roberts
  • “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts”  Teacher:  Rev. Laura Auten
  • “Transforming Evangelism:  The Wesleyan Way of Sharing Faith”  Teachers:  Mr. Bill Roberts and Rev. Laura Auten
  • “Changing the World:  Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus”  Teacher:  Mr. Bill Roberts

Register with Kim Hopkins.  

Locations for In Person Classes will be determined according to geographical needs of those who register.

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