Transformation Journey

posted on January 24

The Transformation Journey process empowers pastors and their laity to discern for themselves where and how to focus their time and resources on the vision they believe God has for them for such a time as this. This is a hope filled process and a positive way to address the challenges we are facing.

Transformation Journey.mp4 from Jason Moore on Vimeo.

Churches who have been in the Transformation Journey process give witness to how it has helped them to have clarity and focus during the upheaval of the pandemic and its aftermath. Our Guides sojourn with the pastors and laity without a hidden agenda or pre-determined outcome in mind other than to help them thrive for God’s Kingdom.

Transformation Journey is not a program or a quick fix solution. It can take a span of three years to complete a church’s recommendations but the learning and awareness from engaging those recommendations can start to happen from the beginning. Please watch the introduction to Transformation Journey video, read about the process and access the application HERE.