UMCOR Buckets Need Verified Before Being Sent

posted on June 03

There are hundreds of buckets ready to be sent to disaster areas. There are hundreds of buckets that are almost ready to be sent, they are simply missing a few items and need contents verified before they can be sent out. What is the hold up? We are! On May 9th, the Uwharrie District staff – Laura, Kim, Carroll, and Kris – spent time at the Mission Response Center in Terrell, NC. We unloaded supplies for Project Agape and verified the contents of hygiene kits.
The district staff also learned that we are not in need of more cleaning kits. Instead, the Mission Response Center (MRC) needs teams to come and verify the kits so they can be sent out to areas in need. Dwaine Morgan, MRC Manager, explained that when a cleaning kit (previously known as flood buckets) comes to the Mission Response Center, it must have the contents verified before it can be released by UMCOR for use. Cleaning kits often come to the MRC missing items and those items must be added to the bucket to complete the kit, before it is able to be sent to a disaster area. Common missing items are: reusable cleaning wipes, heavy duty trash bags, kitchen gloves, and work gloves.
Groups of various ages and abilities are welcome. It is a warehouse environment, and workers should be able to: unload and reload the items in a cleaning kit, verify bucket contents with provided list of needed supplies, work in outdoor temperatures (there is no air conditioning, only fans are used), and some of the workers would need to be able to lift and carry full cleaning kits. Verification work can be done while sitting.
If you, or a group from your local church, are interested in helping verify cleaning kits, please contact Dwaine Morgan at (828) 478-2106 or To learn more about the Mission Response Center, click HERE. To learn more about UMCOR cleaning kits, click HERE.

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