Simplified Accountable Structure


When was the last time you had a conversation at a church committee meeting on how the church is doing at making new disciples of Jesus Christ?

Many of our churches have made the technical change of moving to a single board governing structure. It’s a structure that makes sense for small-membership churches. Even with that structural shift, not every church has made some of the adaptive changes that capitalize on the strengths of one board handling all the administrative tasks of the church. Simplified Accountable Structure (SAS) is a model of doing church that merges the technical and adaptive changes in the way we think about church governance so that the conversations we have at church meetings are no longer just about reporting on what we have done, deciding on paint color, or going through the painstaking process of getting quotes on a new roof. By adopting a Simplified Accountable Structure, the board meetings discuss questions like, “How are we doing at making disciples? What new relationships have we made? How are we making progress on our goals?" SAS makes way for a church to allow the mission and vision, rather than buildings and budgets, to drive everything it does.

The 14 minute video below shares how you can leverage the strength of a single board church model structure to give focus to living into our mission to "Make disciples of Jesus Christ". If you are a traditional church leadership model, but would like to explore making some of the technical and adaptive changes in how your church is structured, the video below will also help explain more.  


Contact Rev. Katie Lineberger for more information about how your local church can make shifts to focus your leadership and structure to focus on "Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."