Helpful Resources for Staff Parish Relations Committee Members

An Introduction to Serving on the Pastor/Staff 
​Parish Relations Committee

This is the first of several videos designed to help members of Pastor-Parish Relations Committees across the Uwharrie District become acquainted with their roles in the church. You might be new to the committee or a member with years of experience serving in this role. This video is designed to acquaint and reacquaint all members of the Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee with their goals and responsibilities. We hope that this video will be a helpful resource in covering the basics of this job. 

 The Roles and Responsibilities of the Pastor:
​ How You Can Help the Pastor Succeed 

 Clergy and pastors in the United Methodist church have many different roles in the life of the church. In this video, Rev. Laura Auten and pastors from the Uwharrie District of the United Methodist Church describe the roles of pastors and discuss the difficulties of balancing these roles in daily life. We hope that this video will be insightful for individuals who serve on Pastor Parish Relations Committees (PPRCs) in the Uwharrie District and give new insight on how to best support your pastor.